Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a Quick Update

I know it has seemed as if I have been hiding or MIA, but I haven't. In fact, the donations have been coming in slowly but surly, and now that school is done. I have SOOOO much more time to dedicate to raising funds. I have a potential fundraiser opportunity coming up. Maybe not exactly a fundraiser, but an awareness opportunity. A friend from one of my classes wants me to come and talk to her sorority. Supposedly they have a whole season of "giving" and outreach in the Spring quarter. She wants me to speak and her and her sorority sisters are going to do an item drive on campus for Roses from Rosalynn. This is still a POTENTIAL fundraiser as of right now, and will be updating as I get more info in the coming weeks. Also, my church wants to do a birthday drive for Rosalynn. Since her birthday falls on Holy Week, my church wants to post in the bulletin and have me make an announcement the week before Holy Week so that people can bring items during Holy week. I was honored that they wanted to do this, I just have to run it by the PSP board first. I will be making a small speech at each mass leading up to Palm Sunday and collect from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

I have a delivery appointment for April 18th. I have about 20 bags as of right now to drop off. I am ecstatic!! I am ready to deliver NOW, but unfortunately the chaplain @ OSU has been out for a hip injury this past month, so won't be able to meet with me till April, so we just decided to do it for Rosalynn's Birthday. I will be posting pictures of the finished bags and all the generous items everyone has donated!!!

My dearest Sister in law and one of my best friends, and Holly from "Caring for Carleigh" donated 16 "Mommy Please Don't Cry" Books between the 3 of them!!! AMAZING considering this is the most expensive item in the bag, and probably the most personal item from me.

Thank you all for you continued support!!